Praia Da Ursa, Portugal

What’s In Your Backyard is a celebration of the beautiful local spots that are within driving distance of your home. Given 2020 has been a year of change for travel, Beautiful Destinations wants to put a local spotlight on our community, their homes and show that travel is as much about exploring the hidden gems around you as it is venturing somewhere foreign. We gave the BD community a challenge: to show us what’s in their backyard using just their phones and drones. We are proud to present our winner, Diogo Bras with Praia da Ursa.

“Hey guys! Diogo Bras here. I am a Portuguese Creative Producer/Filmmaker and I’m blown away to have this incredible opportunity that seemed like a dream to me.

I started my journey as a filmmaker over a year ago and until now I’m just filming with my phone. Everyday I work on improving my skills and I had a lot of failures. Failures to myself and not being able to create what I wanted. But I had some wins and the best win of all was this one.

What’s In Your Backyard was a challenge from Beautiful Destinations and when I saw it, I didn’t think twice. I called some friends and we explored our own backyard with just a phone a drone.

Praia da Ursa is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It really surprised me to see a place like it in Portugal. I didn’t have to catch an airplane to see the most beautiful beach I ever saw. If you explore your own backyards, with your family or your friends, you will without doubt discover a paradise in a place that’s always been close to you.” – Diogo Bras



Music was from Artlist io.