New Zealand Winter

What’s up everyone!

My name is Ben Mikha, a filmmaker and photographer from New Zealand who has been working for Beautiful Destinations over the last year. A lot of you will be heading into summer in the coming months but down here in New Zealand we are about to enter winter. A season I once struggled with until I took a trip around my home which changed everything. I fell in love with everything winter has to offer, the snow, the mountains, the frozen lakes, and my personal favorite, the night sky!

I wanted to share these moments with you at a time when our planet is faced with a global crisis to remind you of how beautiful our home is. Even though times may be tough as we’re presented with a lot of uncertainty, I believe cultivating a positive mindset is what will help us all bounce back better than ever. With travel being out for a little while, I wanted to take you on a virtual tour across my home, a place where I find peace and solitude amongst nature. Most of all though, I hope this inspires you to see more of your backyard, whether a city or a national park, there’s always beauty to be found. Step out of your comfort zone, try something new, and invite new experiences. For me this was journeying into the mountains during the peak of winter which lead me to a newfound love for summers cooler sibling.

Thanks for hanging out!

Ben Mikha | Director, Videographer, Editor |

Ron Hailes-Paku | 2nd Camera |
Robert Nairn | 3rd Camera |

“To The Ground” | Matt Fax
“Distance” | Vesky