Kid Friendly BUNNY TALES – U.S. Landmarks – Child Friendly Discovery of the Unites States with Bunny

Kid Friendly BUNNY TALES – U.S. Landmarks – Children Friendly Discovery of the United States with Bunny Tales
Featuring Bunn.
Road Trip! Bunn the Bunny is at it again, ready to show children fun and exciting places. Let’s explore the United States and see popular tourist destinations as we travel in an RV.

Mount Rushmore has four U.S. Presidents carved into a mountain. Grand Canyon is amazing for sightseeing, hiking, white water rafting, and helicopter tours. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the largest suspension bridge in the world. Chinatown, also in San Francisco, is a large Chinese community outside of China. The Seattle Space Needle is another landmark to see with beautiful mountains in the distance. In Texas, we visit the Alamo, an early Spanish Mission that played a role in Texas independence. The San Antonio River Walk is another tourist attraction. In Washington D.C., we see the Washington Monument. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we find the Liberty Bell. Our trip nears its finish at the Niagara Falls, located in both the United States and Canada. Finally, we go to New York city to visit the Empire State Building. What a view from high above! Did you know King Kong climbed this building? Wow! Of course that was just in the movies. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom given to the U.S. by France.

Bunny Tales is a series of videos designed to provide children with educational discoveries, travels around the world, and even story time with favorites from the past, in a fun and creative way. As our children grow up in a world that’s becoming smaller and smaller around us, it is more important than ever that they learn and understand about people and places beyond their neighborhood and school.

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