GREECE: World's Best Travel Destinations | Ελλαδα: Οι καλύτεροι παγκόσμιοι ταξιδιωτικοί προορισμοί

If you have never visited Greece, then you miss a lot of beauty in this world! Any time of the year, 365 days a year, Greece offers amazing landscapes, unique people and excellent food. From rivers, lakes and mountains to truly amazing sandy and rocky beaches, Greece has it all. Such a small country but with so vast diversity considering the scenery, the food habits, the traditions, the people.

Greece thrives during summertime. The warm sun and the amazing beaches with crystal clear waters will leave you breathless. Not to mention the glorious sunsets by the beach. Some of the top destinations during the summer include the Greek islands of course like Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Milos, Rhodes and Crete in the Aegean Sea and Lefkada, Corfu, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zakynthos and Paxos in the Ionian Sea. As far as mainland goes, top travel destinations are considered the city of Athens, Peloponnese peninsula, Epirus and Chalkidiki up north. Honestly, I could continue forever doing this but you get the picture.

My channel presents some of the top places to visit in Greece along with some hidden gems. So come along, join me and lets travel together in this beautiful country, the land of Gods! Thanks for watching, John!

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This video wouldn’t be the way it is without the beautiful chillstep, chill/hip-hop tracks by Uniq and Sappheiros (see credits below). Thank you so much guys!!!

Filming Locations:
– Avia Beach, Kalamata (Lithari Beach Bar)
– Kitries Beach, Kalamata (Klonaridis Tavern)
– Kitries Port, Kalamata
– Messenian Gulf, Kalamata (Albatros II Cruises)
– Mytikas, Preveza
– Monolithi, Preveza
– Agios Nikitas Beach, Lefkada
– Exanthia Village, Lefkada (Flyme Bar & Rachi Restaurant)
– Mountaintop Ithomi, Ancient Messene
– Mavromati, Ancient Messene
– Klima, Messenia
– Acheron River, Thespotia
– Acropolis Hill, Athens


• First Track: “Japan” by Uniq


• Second Track: “Rain” by Sappheiros

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