Germany – Where Modern and Magic Merge

In February 2020, the #BDTeam traveled with the German Roamers, in collaboration with @GermanyTourism, to explore the hidden gems of Germany.

Lennart Pagel (@lennart) and Max Muench (@muenchmax) showed us some of their favorite spots around Germany- from castles to national parks!

Modern engineering gives old memories a new meaning in Germany. It is a place where the past and future come together. From exploring the stunning castles of Schloss Drachenburg and Schloss Moritzburg to discovering the astounding natural sites of Zugspitze and Eifel National Park, the German Roamers show us their favorite spots to capture amazing content in Germany.

Traveling across Germany doesn’t only show its landscapes and its people, it also inspires us to go beyond what meets the eye. Come explore Germany’s hidden gems with us.

Lennart Pagel | Photographer and German Roamer |
Max Muench | Photographer and German Roamer |
Nathalie Gunhild Andersson | Filmmaker |
Ben Mikha | Filmmaker |
Dzana Asworth | Producer |
Special thanks to Germany Tourism!