2020 JUNE. THE BEST HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS TO TRAVEL TO – Travel ideas by month. – wondergone.com

Why we should travel in June besides there is not much heat in June in Europe, that it’s warm enough to sit in the sun, but not too hot to go walking or sightseeing when you get bored.

Find out the best places to travel in June and start planning your trips. Any month is good to start exploring the world but if you’re not sure exactly where to go, you might find some issues with the weather, climate, the number of tourists and the prices. Bearing these things in mind, we have put together a list of the best places to travel in June to get the best price in the best conditions!

What is happening around the Globe in June?

1, Baby gorilla naming ceremony, Rwanda
2, The Nova Scotia Seafood Festival, Canada
3, Bali Arts Festival, Denpasar, Bali
4, Boi Bumba, Parintins, Brasil
5, Inti Raymi, Cusco, Peru
6, Phi Ta Khon Festival, Thailand
7, Taormina Film Festival, Taormina, Italy
8, Secret Solstice, Reykjavík, Iceland
9, Queenstown Winter Festival, Queenstown, New Zealand
10, Haro Wine Festival, Haro, Spain

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